The best award is the super cool feedback we get from you guys using our packs and letting us know you love it! This page however is dedicated to the awards we’ve got from the established industry. Our social media channels includes the feedback from you guys. Choose wisely where you spend your time...  Here are some links to our social media channels. For the awards, just croll down a bit...





We´ve said it many times. You´ve asked for it again and again. In the summer of 2019 we decided to take the request into action and we made the design of a USWE Action Camera Harness. We have the ultimate pack for mounting a camera in the way that we are buckling up our packs. Many of our customers have noted this and asked us to do someting smart for their camera. The Design & Innovaiton Award picked up the fresh release and they agreed with our conclusion, this is just soo good as it should be.



The jury:

"The Action Camera Harness is a well-integrated and very comfortable action camera holder compatible with almost every USWE backpack. It’s aimed at both hobby and professional filmmakers and eliminates the need to wear an uncomfortable chest mount under the backpack. Velcro fasteners on the shoulder and hip straps allow the harness to be attached and detached quickly and ensure a comfortable and firm fit. Once the filming session is over, the holder can quickly be removed and stored in the backpack. It’s compatible with all GoPro models and retails at a similar price as GoPro’s Chesty strap. The USWE ACTION CAMERA HARNESS convinced our jury with its good fit, superb integration and high level of comfort while filming in the Chest Mount perspective with a USWE backpack."


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This is one of the coolest products out there... The technology is high tech and the idea about the use of excessive body heat for fueling a thermo cell, is just brilliant. At least, that is what we think. The jury at the Scandinavian Outdoor Award seemed to agree and they couldnt help themselves from awarding this brilliant piece of innovation.



"For high-intensity winter activities such as running, skating, or cross-country skiing, the USWE Nordic 10 pack offers an innovative, easy-to-adjust carry and well-fitting unisex system that allows for a stable, bounce-free and non-restrictive fit. It also has smart features, including an insulated sleeve for the hose of a bladder that is heated up by the body, reflective points, and a durable, snag-free back panel."


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The Vertical 4L is one of the best selling packs in scandinavia, at least for USWE. This pack suites runners as well as mountinabikers and active people of different sports. The jury of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award contains the most prestigious outdoor journalists. The award is bein held since 2005 and the best design innovations of scandinavia is compeeting. Around 30 brands are nominated each year... When we were first nominated, we were like, yeah we will never win this. There are soo many established super outdoor designers in scandinavia. How can a "No Dancing Monkey" outsider compete with these guys and their products? Our answer. With Wow-factor and kick-ass attitude! 



"Wearing is believing – you have to wear the Vertical 4L Backpack from the Swedish brand USWE to feel the difference compared to other trail running packs. The innovative harness manages the balance between a perfectly stable ride with a non-restrictive fit which makes the pack very, very comfortable. It is also easy to put on and to adjust. The water bladder also functions well. "This product has the wow-factor" states one jury member.

Vertical 4L is a running pack that stands out from its competitors by its patented No Dancing Monkey harness technology that makes the pack 100 % bounce free in action. The stretch in the straps delivers optimized freedom of movement, it supports your breathing capacity and allows you to snag the pack tight without cramping your style. The straps offers individual fit for men and women."


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In 2017 two of our mid sized packs won the Design & Innovation Award. For USWE this was super cool and we still have the diplomas in our hall of fame (as we have with all the awards...).  



The DIA jury was excited with the Airborne 15L pack and we were happy with the nice wording: 

"Relying on the brand’s innovative ‘No Dancing Monkey’ carrying system, the USWE Airborne stays firmly on the rider’s back no matter how burly the trails are. With a ton of fine-tuning options for fit, the Airborne is capable of conforming to the whole spectrum of physiques. The Airborne’s design is well thought-out, seeing it fit tightly to the body yet still giving the rider the freedom of movement necessary to get loose. When temperatures and techy feats of riding are on the rise, the Airborne regulates the rider’s back temperature superbly, keeping a decent airflow on climbs and descents. Alongside a watertight pocket for essentials, like your smartphone, there’s also the option to attach a rear light and a mounting system for a full face or open-face helmet. As a serious trail riding backpack, the USWE Airborne delivers the whole package – and damn well!"


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Anyone of you guys seen this one? It´s one of the coolest retro packs around and one of the favorits of the USWE crew. The DIA said it´s like a "SUV among urban riding backpacks". 



"The SUV among urban riding backpacks, the USWE SCRAMBLER is a high quality sixteen-litre backpack that teams traditional materials and an achingly hip look with performance that was previously only found on purebred outdoor sports backpacks. The SCRAMBLER relies on the award-winning ‘No Dancing Monkey’ carrying system, which has proven its staying power on USWE’s mountain bike backpacks and keeps a firm position whatever the situation or terrain. On the more city-orientated SCRAMBLER, USWE have reconsidered the idea of ventilation, choosing to make sensible tweaks to the design rather than blindly copying their successful MTB line. The SCRAMBLER, for example, features numerous Flex zones that have been optimized for an urban riding backpack. In short: the brand have crafted the ultimate backpack for everyone who’s keen to profit from performance and aesthetics on a daily basis."


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Also... Check out this video from the DIA in 2017. It´s full of coffee, mountains, bicycles and beer!


Design & Innovation Award 2017 | Highlight Video from Design & Innovation Award on Vimeo.



This is the same pack as the DIA Award winner in 2015. The pack was obviolsuy pretty ok also in 2016 and we were happy to include the award to the collection. 



"The F4 PRO is a revolutionary unisex bicycle backpack that sits securely even during extreme downhill rides and does not impair the riding style. The wide shoulder and waist straps ensure that it does not slip and can be worn comfortably even when filled. Although it fits closely against the body, it does not restrict breathing or mobility. A great design that inspires in both form and function."



Did you know we went PRO already in 2015? The design may be a bit different from our current packs and yes the diffrence is all about improvements. Still this version of the USWE action backpack is a piece of top class gear. At that time the award was sooo welcome and we are still proud of the win! The current verision of the F4 is called Airborne 9L. It´s one of the USWE best sellers and it´s just one of the best pack on the planet.



"After just a few metres on the first rough trail using the USWE F4 Pro Hydration Pack, you’ll ask yourself why all other rucksacks aren’t fitted with the ‘No Dancing Monkey’ four point retention system. The stability, comfort and fit of the faultlessly constructed backpack are impressive and unmatched by any other pack. Combined with an effective size adjustment, a perfectly functioning drink bladder and sufficient attachment points for helmet and protectors, the F4 Pro Hydration Pack isn’t just the perfect companion for all bike adventures – it is simply the best bike rucksack available on the market."